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An unusually persistent or clingy broad who will stop at nothing to latch onto the dude she's after; even if it means cockblocking him out of opportunities he has dreamed of. Commonly observed examples of kreep kitty behavior include: overwhelming her victim's phone with text messages, popping out of nowhere at the worst times to the shock and horror of the victim, performing unthinkable or often embarrassing acts in an attempt to garner the attention of the stalkee, etc. In most cases the kitty can only be distracted by a deft and sympathetic wingman, unfortunately this inevitably leads to the good man becoming the next victim.
Can you believe that stage five clinger I shook?! If it wasn't for Lou swooping in with the save, the damn kreep kitty surely would've cockblocked me out of every bitty I boned that night!
by idig November 23, 2007
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