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corrupt and bigots, usually Catholic, German-Americans who belittle those who don't share the same faith, same ideals, or same ignorance. While there is often a thin, fine line between a Krauthead and a Catholic, the tell for a Krauthead is often adding -age to many, if not all, words, such as, but not limited to, "mowage," "message," "Logan-age," "chowage," and many others, making animal-like sounds like, "Maww!!," the absence of an anti-perspirant or a deodorant, the upturned nose, the baring of teeth, and the near perfect impersonation of a penis coming while having an upturned hand motioning toward the intended person.
Krauthead 1: Hey, get me a Dew-age (refering to a Mt. Dew)
Krauthead 2: Fuck no!
Krauthead 1: Mess, you will!
Krauthead 2: Mowage, I won't!
by Colton Kinder March 28, 2006
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