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Kpoobari is a kind a beautiful girl. Kpoobari's are very understanding and give great advice.They are always there for you when you need them,and never let you down.Kpoobari's usually laugh mostly at everything because they love to laugh.When it comes to love kpoobari's are serious about but they end up getting hurt in the end. A kpoobari doesn't know that she needs to let go of the wrong guy in order to find the right guy for her because she is blinded by his games.Kpoobari's voice soothes you when you're going through a tough time and the advice they give helps you a lot. She is a very likeable,talented, and hilarious person.If you know a Kpoobari you're lucky to have her in your life because she is the truest friend you will ever meet and is focused on her goals in life.
"Hey why is she laughing so much!?"

"Because that's a kpoobari!"
by rjgnrjr March 13, 2017
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