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Kid who was raised on the kp, or was raised with the kp ideals at heart. These kids are generally good hearted lads, yet tend to get themselves into trouble. There is nothing a kp kid enjoys more than a nice keystone light and marlboro 27. The amount of alcohol these kid's can consume is equal to that of 4 average people of equal size and wait. Usually drunk on the daily, a kp kid has a unique set of skills that most are without. They are the best drunk drivers, and drive mostly hondas. Kp kids have a vast knowledge of the wilderness and a good taste in music. If seen outside it is usually with a cigarette in hand. If every kid was a kp kid, the world would be at peace.
Caseys buying another pack with only nickels and pennies? Hes a true kp kid.

Jake blew a .25 when he got arrested yesterday? Wasn't he just in jail like a week ago? Thats a kp kid if Ive ever seen one.
by kpkid December 12, 2010
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