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Person who does cosplay but without the play part. They're generally no fun and put no effort in bringing the character to life. Dismissive of the general populace. Sole purpose at a convention is to 'bring home the gold'. Technically not doing cosplay because they're missing the play part, and instead turn a fun community event into a drama show.

Best way to defend against them is by smiling and pointing out their boobs are a tad uneven or there is a photographer "over there"... pointing towards a far distant hall way.

Should one become confrontational, take it outside, because their worbla will be begin melting under the sun like the Wicked Witch of the West with splash of water.
Person A: "Hi! My name's *******, this is exciting! I like your cosplay."
Person B: "I'm totally going to win this competition because I'm *******!"
Person A: "...Who?"
Person B: "Oh please, everone's been to my blog."
Person C: To person A "Yeah, don't waste your time. She's a Kosdashian. Let's talk about your work! I like how you..."

And so on.
by Draconovich March 15, 2015
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