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Kokopelli Punch
A game in which people look for images of the Native American trickster God and fertility deity Kokopelli (usually depicted as a humpbacked flute player) along roadsides, truck-stops and swap meets in the Southwestern United States and then punch the first person possible .Whoever sees one first gets to pick someone in the car to punch. Rules vary from car to car but the most common are
-1 punch for kokopelli
-2 punches for a Kokopelli larger than a human ("double koko")
-If someone punches you and it turns out there was no Kokopelli, you can tag back (give them a return punch).
-Once an image has been identified and a punch has been thrown, it cannot be reused for a new punch.
"Kokopelli!" Punch. "Double Koko!" Punch Punch.
Paloma beat Daniela in the Kokopelli Punch game 13:3 at the Swat Meet today. You should see her bruises!
by Moxie1 April 06, 2017
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