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Kobe0802 is a NBA 2K streamer on twitch, and is generally recognized as an autistic child in the community. Kobe0802 has one of the fattest asses on twitch, and loves getting penetrated in all of his holes, including his ears. Kobe0802 generally says retarded things, like asking if you die in a dream do you actually die, or saying that the Eiffel Tower is in Italy. He also claims he is from France but does not know that.
by SteeveW July 22, 2018
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A Twitch streamer who looks exactly like the WWE Wrestler Mark Henry. Kobe is also known to be a very lazy streamer, who likes to scam his audience. Among other things he’s a delusional cowboys fan who thinks the cowboys are the best team in the league. He was also put in a master lock.
Random dude:I’m going to get fake dreads, eat a bunch of junk food, say the cowboys are good and get myself put in a master lock. I’m going to be exactly like Kobe0802
by Mr. Click-clack-Ba August 29, 2019
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