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An effervescent and adorable person. The kind of creature you want to give a big hug and cuddle with for the rest of eternity. Similar to retrievers but of greater intelligence and charm. Someone who is knubsy is loveable and makes your heart expand in everlasting joy.

Common characteristics of knubsiness: able to be lifted easily to twirl around in a circle of jubilation; smile a lot; have captivating expressions of perplexity.

Side-effects of knubsiness: being inadvertently hugged by strangers; suffering from amazingly good fortune and random compliments; knubsy people might discover that it's always sunny in their presence

Historically knubsy people: Cindy Lou Who, Charlie Chaplin, Zooey Deschanel, Simon Amstell, Shirley Temple, Bret McKenzie, emperor penguins, sheep
Simon Amstell is so knubsy I just want to squeeze him until he's about to burst, and then let go, and then resume cuddling him forever
by Stanli Nora Achioc March 21, 2011
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