A type of being who goes through life seeking and obtaining knowledge; A body that contains knowledge. Someone who knows alot of things, but doesn't come off as a "know it all". A knowbody is a supreme type of being. Commonly used phrases like "Nobody cares, nobody loves you, nobody's perfect and nobody did it", can all be viewed quite differently if nobody, is turned into a specific person, a Knowbody. A knowbody cares too much, a knowbody loves you, a knowbody IS in fact perfect-- perfectly imperfect, and knowbody probably DID do it. Brings a whole new positive outlook to the word.
"A knowbody, knows."

"Knowbody cares."

"Knowbody loves you."

"Knowbody is perfect."

"Who are you? "

"I'm just a knowbody, trying to survive in this stereotypical world "

"Knowbody's home."
by ChelseaLayne333 December 11, 2016
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