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Knin is a historical town in Croatia, located near the source of the river Krka in the Dalmatian hinterland, on the railroad Zagreb–Split. Knin was once the capital of the medieval Croatian state, it's most famous king was Dmitar Zvonmir, which is why the town is often called Zvonimirov grad (Zvonimir's city). The city has important railroads from Zadar, Split and Šibenik going north to Zagreb. It's main feature is the medieval fortress which dominates the town. Many ancient Croatian architecture and cultural monuments can be found around Knin. During the Serbo-Croatian war, Knin was occupied by the rebel separatist Serbs and made the capital of their illegal state. On August 5, 1995, Knin was liberated by the victorious Croatian army in a brilliant offensive which ended the war, and is now a public holiday in Croatia.
We will pass by Knin on our way to Zagreb.
by Dinara September 15, 2007
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