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The Princess of the north, Kluane has few weaknesses but overflows with positive attributes .
Kindness, compassion and selflessness are a few of her most notable traits that reflect in her everyday life.
Her beauty surpasses all others, with a smile that thaws the frozen tundra and reminds the songbirds to sing, Kluane leaves a wake of lifted spirits in her past.
She is adventurous, spontaneous, absurdly silly and usually very intense.
Princess Kluane was gifted with an admiration of the earth around her.

A spiritual protector was assigned to her sometime during her early childhood in the form of a wolf (Canis lupus) and is with her still today.

She can be found wherever nature is making her show of beauty, whether silowetted against a beautiful sunset with a crown of flowers resting in her silken hair or resting under the soft glow of the northern lights in a parka of fur.
Young, free spirited and courageous, Kluane's reign on this earth has just begun.
Used to describe someone or something that overflows with natural beauty and a free spirit.

Kluane connection with nature

ie; It was strangely Kluane how that passing storm left me feeling excited and smiling.
by Time traveler January 31, 2016
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