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The conglomerate of harmfull physical actions and verbal abuse used by people who wish to convey feelings of stupidity to an unsuspecting society.
"I don't believe it, Henry. That man just ran up to me waving his arms wildly screaming obscenities. Very Kleh, if you ask me."
by Charlie Eddie November 15, 2006
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A more excitable and interesting form of meh. But can also be used as an insult.
More used on plebians or cucks than anyone else. Construed sort of as a word to calm someones demeanor since they are being or acting lame.
Calm down you Kleh! Its just a game.

Kleh... This coffee shop is such a waste of time. Its so boring here.

Guy: KLEH.
OTHER guy: clay. What. What the heck.
Guy: no kleh you weirdo
OTHER guy: oh yeah this place sucks...
Guy: We need more waffles you ernh
by Alex Thunderbird May 30, 2018
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