Used as 'HAHAHA' In Brazil, The quantity of 'k' tells how funny it is, the more Ks the funnier
Used only among Brazilians Friends. Capitals letters indicates it was really funny

'HUEHUE' is used when representing the Brazilian Nation, often used to non-Brazilian to indicate he or she is Brazilian.

'RSRS' is used among Fake friends, or when you do an auto-depreciative joke

'HAHA' is used in the same context as 'KKKK', It is usually used to indicate that something was actually funny, but with people you don't talk too much or in a formal situation

'ASHUASHUA' is used among people who you feel sorry for or people who would expect you to laugh but you did not really laugh, you said 'ASHUASHU' instead

'KAKAKA' Used among friends, same context as 'KKKK', sometimes used as 'ASHUASHU'

'(Random Capital Letters)' Used to indicate that you really found it funny, you are are actually laughing a lot

'LOL' used by people who fancies him or herself, usually used by the upper class by fake people

'HIHIHI' Used by old people trying to be cool, or when your plans happened very well, it is also sometimes used as an Evil laugh

'MUAHAHA' or 'BUAHAHA' Evil Laugh

'q engracado' Used when you know something was meant to be funny, but it was not
by #Unigloterrs January 24, 2018
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