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Kiysa is the greatest person you could ask to know. She's beautiful and funny and honestly all you could ask for in a girl. She's kinky and too much fun but she's also one of the most classy people there are.

Kiysa's the type of girl that you just know who she is the first moment you see her. You see the pain she deals with without a sign of agony, you see the incredible talent she has to offer the world, the scars from the many things she's been through, and most of all the incredible beauty and smile that could turn the darkest day to straight sunshine. Shes not fake for people because she doesn't have to be. Everyone loves kiysa because of her personality and laugh that just makes you laugh no matter what.

Kiysa is the girl you don't want to let go of. She's the love of my life and she's the only person that can make you happy when you don't want to smile.

If you don't know one, you're missing out. Seriously.
Boy: "I'm going to see kiysa today"
Boys friend:" damnnn you lucky guy, you got a condom right?"
Boy:"for what?"
Boys friend:" you can't control yourself while your with her"
by Superman gk March 06, 2017
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