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There is not a single word to stand for a very common hydro measurement unit: kilowatt-hour. Although there is acronym kwh for it, however you have to inconveniently pronounce the three letters K/W/H or the original every word.

Why not coin a new word for it? "Kiwaho" is a very good choice. Inside the new word "kiwaho", "ki" is extracted from "kilo", "wa" from "watt", "ho" from "hour". It is melodically pronounceable. The pronunciation of "ki" is same as first syllable in "kilo", "wa" as "watt", but "ho" as "hoe".

The plural form is kiwahoes.
In my last month hydro bill, it states that I have used 890 kiwahoes, and the unit price is $0.10 per kiwaho.
by Wosha December 06, 2009
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