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I find it annoying that every other name in urban dictionary has a definition like, or much worse than, this and mine is the one rejected when no other definition is available for my wife's unique name.

Thanks for your definition of kitira!

A few volunteer editors read your definition and decided to not publish it. Don't take it personally!

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A women who cares about everyone more than herself. Indecisive and cautious by nature. Has low confidence but won't let anyone put her down. She finds it hard to see her self-worth.

Kitira is the woman you wish you had noticed before I made her mine.

Ps: please do promptly choke on it Urban Dictionary "editors" being as all of your grandparents took turns doing that last night. (mon 5-30-2016)
Kitira is mine, don't be a sore loser about it.
by Thatguy01201 May 31, 2016
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