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In "A Song Of Ice And Fire" (ASOIAF) (George R. R. Martin's famous book AKA: A Game Of Thrones) and in the Land Of Always Winter, redheads are said to be "Kissed By Fire"
an example of this is when "Ygritte", who when Jon Snow met, at first thought of her to look like a normal girl, like those redheads up in Winterfell, but soon finds out that Ygritte is considered a beauty by the wildlings because of her hair colour, and she's also a genuinely attractive person, so combining the two aspects, a great body, attractive face, not to mention those tits :P and add the red hair, you've got an amazing woman prized by the people beyond the wall. Also of note is that Jon (his surname being Snow) and Ygritte being "Kissed By Fire" has sparked a new little catch phrase for me "Kissed By Fire, Fucked By Snow" :P
by Hansel_The_Pedo December 23, 2013
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