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The Blue Eyes White Dragon Girl who holds the BEWD in her mind. She appears in the Yugioh Egyption arc and is extremely loyal to Seto, who she cares about deeply and he does likewise. As children, Seto saved Kisara from slave traders. She repaid him by releasing her dragon after the traders sent fire to his village and killed his mother. Years later, Seto stumbles across Kisara again being stoned because of her white skin, blue eyes and white hair. Shadi senses the power within her and Seto takes her back to the palace. His father wanted to test Kisara's power by forcing her to fight in a battle with two more spirits. Kisara, with no idea of her dragon, was helpless. Seto stepped in and saved her, but the two fell into danger, casuing Kisara out of fear for Seto to be hurt, release her dragon and save them both. Later, Seto's father tries to take over Seto's mind by corrupting him with darkness, and Kisara runs to save him. She died taking a blow meant for Seto. After that, his father took over his mind and forced him to fight Atem, the Pharaoh. Kisara saved Seto by destroying his father and promising him that he would never be harmed again. Kisara then intrusts her dragon to Seto. Seto sheds his first tears in front of the BEWD tablet, with Kisara's dead body in his arms.
It is hinted there was a love interest between Kisara and Seto.
"SetoSama, at least I can protect you with the light of my spirit."-Kisara
by Bellebelle3 May 06, 2006
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