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King Kaliente is a SMG and SMG2 boss, living in a lava pit. Its last name, kaliente, is a misspelled version of Caliente, meaning "hot" but they decided to go with a k to match with king. King Kaliente is also the leader of all the octoombas and oktorocks. He shoots 3 fireballs at the player, followed by a coconut that can be whacked at him. After two times of hitting him with coconuts his crown will fall off and sink into the lava making him very angry he will rage and summon a bunch of lava bubbles around the stage, and shoot more fireballs and a coconut to be whacked at him 3 times without missing. A rematch with him happens later, in a new stage and King Kaliente is dark brown, from being "scorched" when he fainted in the lava from before.
by Prince Pikante July 23, 2017
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