Kim Kibum is the third oldest member of SHINee he is the lead dancer and lead rapper and vocalist he is practically the mother of the group and likes to cook for them he is also very stylish and very excellent at doing girl group dances
Kim Kibum can you please teach me how to dance
by ladyshawol 89 June 27, 2014
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A king and the actual definition of art, commonly known as Key from the group SHINee. He's an amazing singer and if you don't believe me, go stream ToHeart and while you're at it, stream I Want You. He's not just an incredible singer though, he's also an amazing actor, having acted in dramas such as, 'Drinking Solo' and 'Lookout'. Rejuvenate your skin and overall life by watching his dramas and movies. He also has side hobbies where he ventures into fashion and cooking. Did you know he was born in New York?
Wow, Kim Kibum saved my life just by looking at me
by #hypingKey24/7 June 17, 2018
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