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Kim Deal is like your next door neighbor, who happens to be an alternative rock goddess. She plays bass and sings back up vocals in the extremely influental alt rock band, The Pixies. She also fronts her own band The Breeders with her twin sister Kelley Deal. The Breeders are also an influental alt rock band. Kim and Kelley started playing music when they were sixteen. That's almost thirty years they've been making music!
Kim and Kelley are both very beautiful in their own way. They have great personalities which make them gorgous no matter what. And of course they are naturally beautiful anyway.
Kim is very talented. Her bass playing is smooth and bouncy. Her guitar playing is fuzzy goodness. Her drummming is simple but rythmic. Her singing can be sweet and melodic, deep and sexy, creeky and fun, or drunkenly charming.
Kim (and Kelley!) are two of the sweetest women you could ever meet.
Kim Deal: Will Kelley Deal and her tampon please report to the stage for an encore?
*Kelley strangles her*

by dealist October 04, 2005
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bassist (and singer) for the pixies. guitarist and singer for the breeders.
she is naturally cool, and doesn't have to degrade herself to get atention (i.e. courtney love) from an already adoring crowd.
kim deal is so sweet. she gave my friend her pick after the pixies played a set.
by cannonball December 18, 2004
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