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Kill Musick is a fictional form of rap music with horror elements. If you take rap music and a horror movie plot, mix it in a blender, Kill Musick would come out. You could say that Kill Musick is the rap equivalent of Death Metal. It has had many names over the years, The Wicked Shit, Acid Rap, Death Rap, Horrorcore... etc….. The lyrics are supposed to be morbid, violent, scary, and similar to stuff you would see in horror movies. You will find lyrics that plot the life of serial killers. And you will also find lyrics about sex, drugs, anti-religion, and hatred. All kept underground, and hardly ever seeing the mainstream.
Kill Musick like KGP,Insane Clown Posse, Esham, Necro, Bloodshot, Q Strange, BadMind, Insane Poetry, V-Sinizter, DJ Bless, Scum, Sicktanick, etc..β€”just to name a few.
by Kap G April 28, 2006
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