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a term popularized by the illest niggaz in frisco 11-5.

defintion: to kill a hoe.
"im down wit O.j., i got my A-k and ima kill me a hoe today"

I fucked that bitch last night, n now ima kill a hoe cuz she pissed me the fuck off. bitch ass tramp. once i kill a hoe ima take the bitch car n throw the bitch off a bridge
by Bay Area Maine 650 January 03, 2008
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Metaphor/slang- to have physical sex with a woman with caveman tendencies.

Also uses numerical form for devices. 187-304
eg. pagers/beepers/graffiti as
Brahim: What are you up to tonight Jay?

Jasun: Finish this game of Madden here, and go kill a hoe probably on the East. You?
by Mr Grim aka Leev September 28, 2018
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