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a mixture of the act of kiestering and a classic game of Easter egg hunting. It is a game where people go into a public place like a restaurant and have paid 5 random ppl to kiester a boiled egg up their ass. The players of the game do not know which ppl in the restaurant have an egg up their ass so they have to go from person to person shoving their hand up their assholes. Once all the eggs are collected or all the contestants have been arrested,,,the person with the most eggs is the winner. This game is used as an act of initiation to a club or to a fraternity.
Bro: Hey bro did you go to that kiester-egg hunt last weekend?

Other Bro: Yeah bro I was doing pretty well until i got tasered with my arm half way up an old ladies ass crack.

Bro: Damn bro, so a kiester egg hunt could be defined as a friendly Easter egg hunt involving kiestered eggs and assholes?
Other bro: yeah pretty much
by skippingsloth April 27, 2015
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