Separation of vulnerable minor foreign nationals from their "Family" (i.e. coyote-handlers, child-sex-slave traffickers, dark web organ merchants, adrenochrome manufacturers, nefarious et al.) at/within American borders, made famous by Deporter-in-Chief barack Obama in 2014 onward.

Commonly accepted as standard, humane practice for helpless groups who routinely DNA test as having no ancestral ties whatsoever to their "traveling companions"/"illegal guardians", The Great Awokening of 2018 led Libtards and God's Only Mistakes (i.e. the mainstream media) to realize this once-sacrosanct Anointed Obama (PBUH) practice of enforcing protective caging had been wholly corrupted and befouled by the 45toundingly Abhorrent Orange Antichrist, in an unchanged-yet-unconscionable perversion of the once-holy practice.

Thankfully, with the 100%-by-the-Books, Fair-and-Transparent, Constitutionally-Republican, Electoral Dominion & Vanquishing of the Sordid & Foul Cheeto B45tard Abomination, these assembly lines of racist death and ethnic cleansing have once again reverted into state-of -the-art daycare centers built from the blueprints of Heaven itself, with no proactive effort nor consumption of fossil fuels necessary to drive the mystical, healed-and-unified juxtaposition to transform an evil governmental function of White Supremacist Oppression(TM) back to its natural state of Utilitarian Utility.

Truly awe-inspiring, how Our Wokeness works through us in mysterious ways.
An exemplary case study in post-libtarded moral relativism, Science Experts(TM) have finally discovered that the value proposition of "kids in cages", i.e. populating government-owned-and-operated human zoos with helpless civilly-criminal brown children is IN FACT a direct function of whichever political party violently occupies or humbly and dutifully receives stewardship of the White House.

This astounding discovery follows hot on the heels of similar Moral Truths(TM) discovered in early 2017 about the role of the President's party as it applies to the moral nature of blowing brown children into thousands of bloody pieces using satellite-mediated unmanned arial drone technology
by Dusk777 November 15, 2020
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