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similar to barney'd-out... when nearly all a person's time is spent on entertaining their children with games, songs, stories and videos until they go into a zombie-like state or "auto pilot" if you will, forgetting temporarily who they are and that they have their own likes, wants and needs, essentially turning into "Mr. Rogers" (an iconic media personality who used to host the most popular children's show on tv)... this condition can be remedied by finding a bit of time for one's self, maybe a night out with adult friends to an adult music concert, or a movie (no cartoons), a couple of beers or a bottle of wine, good adult conversation and interaction uninterrupted by children or the elderly.
I cant take this "kiddie-coma" anymore, Im all barney'd-out... someone get me a beer and let's watch "The Shining" while listening to Ice Cube's "We Had To Tear This Muhfucka Up" before I turn into Mr. Rogers.
by hmf December 22, 2014
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