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two rap artist from New York city named (Christopher reid also known as kid) and (Christopher martin known as play) popular in the 1980's and 1990's played a duo in house party 1-4. Kid was born in (April 5 1964)and play was born in (july 10 1962)
they even had there own dance called the funky charleston
dude 1- hey do u like kid' n play
dude 2- yeah kid'n play there the best
by big Chad February 18, 2008
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Is a term commonly referring to the intravenous use of cocaine with heroin or morphine in the same syringe.1 Some also use it with two syringes, one in each arm. can also be taken by insufflation. The original speedball used cocaine hydrochloride mixed with morphine sulfate, as opposed to heroin.2 The term can also be applied to use of pharmaceutical opioids, benzodiazepines or barbiturates along with substituted amphetamines. This cocktail of drugs can cause a strong physical dependence and withdrawal symptoms.
He messing with that kid n play (brown and that white)
by Etotheso January 17, 2016
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