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real definition propounded by Sunny PAnt when making a facebook community called KHULLA DARBAR...its a hindi word..well two hini words actually...
khulla meaning open
darbar means a kings court esp. in ancient times
well the word khulla darbar means open court to say it literally...but its used as a phrase as a mark of naughty humour..well only indians will know the real essence..i have tried to explian the essence as best as i could...for more info and a video and complete theory of KHUOLLA DARBAR join our community of face book called KHULLA DARBAR..and the communioty is just what it sounds court..its a globan community and everyones welcome...cheerio world
example in facebook..too tired to copy long suckers
aah all rigght all goes!
This is the principle of KHULLA DARBAR, whatever he gets for free he bangs it, anything goes.
by sunnypant2004 November 22, 2007
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