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khatijah is a girl's name of Arabic origin. It actually belongs to the muslim's prophet's first wife which is pronounced as 'khadijah', but the spelling varies from one part of the world to the other. Khatijah is known for her strong and brave image. she is often recognised as the family's most independent girl. Even with that strong image of hers deep inside she may be the kindest person you have ever met. especially to her friends. trustworthy is her second name. with that side of her she can be a loyal and caring friend. but khatijah doesn't like sentiments, she cringes everytime people do that. She is smart on her own way. if she wants it she will have to get it no matter what. khatijah may have passed through many hurdles in her life but with her determination she can reach the moon in no time. i envy her for having such passion and courage. indeed people around her appreciates her opinions a lot. But you will have to think twice before messing up with her because her life motto is as simple as it sounds 'they don't mess up with me i'll have nothing to do with them' well that sounds so strong. lastly, she is pretty inside out and she knows it.
Khatijah's younger sister:
Mom, which colour suits me the best?
Ask khatijah.
by onggggggggggg December 28, 2017
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