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Khadaliah is very sweet Towards people.she is a cute awkward nerd that watches all the super hero movies.she is antisocial she love people that are real to her.she takes younger people and her friends under her wings to protect them.she observes the people she is around.Once she gets comfortable around you she will show her freaky side.she loves romantic movies.she likes guys that are sweet and all about her and money.she also loves kids such as toddlers and babies
Khadaliah is one kind of a girl that you get to meet.
by iambabykay14 June 12, 2018
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Khadaliah is a strong independent girl who loves to party and have fun.She is the most nicest person u will ever meet until u do her dirty.She is very shy,so once she gets used to that particular person she opens herself up even more.She is a freak.When it comes to dating boys she is faithful and she doesn't play games.She is all about her money.She can show girls that boys need them.She takes people under her wings and guide them to not be like her.She knows how it feels to be hurt by people.When something goes wrong she stays quiet and doesn't tell anyone.Many people love to talk bad about her and make up rumors,but she sees it as a compliment.She is always set to stay true to herself and stay herself till the she die.
There are many girls out there that has their own traits but not like Khadaliah
by iambabykay14 June 02, 2018
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