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Everyone needs a keyxon in their life. Keyxon and a nice, tall, amazing , guy who will care for you and others. He can get an attitude sometimes, but all you have to do is care and be there for him. He will treat his girlfriend with the love and respect she deserves. He can be jealous at times which is okay because that shows he cares a lot for her. He is someone who everyone can trust, but people have to understand that he has feelings as well. If he can cry to you and poor his feelings out to you that means that he loves you and can trust you with all of his heart. He is very competitive as well so watch out for that side of him. Other than that, keyxon is someone who is an amazing guy that everyone should have or know.
That guy , Keyxon, yeah him he is amazing and loving. I wish I had him in my life!!!
by Brookemorr3 May 23, 2018
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