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When a person digitally prints something particularly slanderous, hurtful, or otherwise cruel, typically through some form of social media. The person creating the content would never ever repeat the same words to the face of their target, as they are fully aware that the words are hurtful.
Example 1:
Stacy: Dan, why are you really breaking up with me?

Dan: I'm just not as attracted to you as I would like to be. You deserve better.

Dan's social media post: Finally got rid of that sack of potatoes Stacy. She tried to ask why at broke up! Hmm, do I start with your stank vag, or the toe hair? Maybe if she didn't blast ass so much in the middle of the night I could've salvaged it. Anyway going to the club tonight, HMU if you can be my DD.

Comment 1: Wow bru going to the club already? No need to talk about Stacy like that though
Comment 2: Yeah Dan, I bet that's not the answer your gave her anyway. No need to get all keyboard cruel cause you newly single and horny.

Example 2:
Troy's social media post: So tired of Black Lives Matter! I'm just saying if you'd invest a few dollars in your car so the cops can't have a reason to pull you over it would cut crime by 50%. Leaving your weed at home doesn't hurt either. Or just go home, whatever works.

Comment 1: Troy, don't start getting all keyboard cruel. I dare you to say that to the face any one of the 10 of the black people that are listed as your friends
Comment 2: Make that 0
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by MaJitters July 26, 2017
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