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A host of many G4tv Shows, great guy, really funny, a tad immature... those who openly hate him probebly think hes gay and are likely homophobes :)
Kevin Pereira is "the coolest and greatest gamer ever" and smells like salt. *lol*
by AOTSfan777 April 27, 2005
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The essence of extreme awesomness (and a little bit of homosexuality) all bottled up in one NOW nearly hairless head.
Nerd 1: Hey man, did you see last week's Attack of the Show?

Nerd 2:Yeah man, it was so funny when Kevin Pereira made Olivia wear the Mask of a Thousand Pins in the Balloon Chamber.
by Krasnovian7 August 31, 2008
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the co-host of AOTS on g-4...the better half of the show...cus olivia sometimes seems lost...but hey ..she is still hot...but kevin is known for bringing g4 viewers awesome 420 themed shows...has his own segment called the loop...its tight....
who is that guy that hosts AOTS?
" oh thats kevin pereira...
by redsavage April 07, 2009
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