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An insulting definition for someone from trowbridge , Wiltshire.
He is a man who once ate a rat head that had been left in a bag and pissed on. This was accompanied by sweet and sour sauce to make it more bearable. He also enjoys bumming animals (beastiality) and inbreeding with the fellow Trobridgeans resulting in unwanted births, one of which is a troubled individual only known as Rob B**ne

He is a typical trowbo.
child: "oh my god its ketamine kev, WTF is he doing with that dog/camel?"
parent: "i dont know but stay away, we should contact the police"

1: "look ketamine kev is over there, modelling his new mankini"
2: "we should contact the police"
by supercoolawsomesauce June 28, 2011
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