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Keshiya can be defined many ways but most commonly as a bad bitch. The girl who is very bold and doesn’t hold her tongue. She is particularly the girl who is fun to be around she’s brave and speaks her mind. Don’t get me wrong she’s not mean but if u get on the wrong side of her she’ll do one of two things cut you off or beat ur ass. She likes to address problems the moment they occur and very beautiful. Keshiya’s are very smart and have a lot of potential but often get distracted which is why they tend to do average in school when they could be the best in the class fuck that the best in the school. There also hella athletic and like to run track. But anyways if you meet a keshiya be her friend and never let her go.
Keshiya is the prettiest girl here!😍😘😜
by Keshiya May 17, 2018
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