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someone who can ramble on for hours and hours and you can still be very interested in the conversation. you can confide in kerryann without fear that she will go and tell someone else. Kerryann is sexy and smart, all the boys would love to shift kerryann but her standards sometimes dont meet them , Kerryann is so smart that in tests she has to do her very own because she is so acedemicaly smart shes above the entire class . Kerryann can sometims be very stubborn but thats one of the qualities that make me happy that shes one of my bestest friends that i can trust with my life so if you ever find a Kerryann in your life never let them go.
we all love kerryann
by millybobjoel May 16, 2018
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Kerryann is usually a Caucasian female who is beautiful in every way, she is gorgeous and has the most incredible rack. Kerryann is considerate and sexy at the same time. She makes everyone who knows her happy. She is one in a million and loved by Langley's everywhere.
Kerryann Jacobs is fit as.
by jlang1 December 03, 2011
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The sweetest, most beautiful red headed princess in the world with an attitude to match her red hair. She is my bestest friend for life. She is my mini me.
She is absolutly a Kerryann!!
by firey2rose November 05, 2011
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