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Considered the 'ghetto' of Oakville Ontario. It consits mainly of old stores, fallling down apartments and really old cars. It is a complete contrast to the rest of the town and their mega million dollar homes and cars. Budha Budha, Stoneys, Salvation Army and many other unique stores can be found there
Poor Person: Do you want to come to my house?
Glen Abbey kid: If you live on Kerr Street then no way I don't want to be seen there.. it will wreck my reputation

by Mapeh December 20, 2006
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A street in Edinburgh, Scotland. Although technically a street, it is more a tiny bridge in Stockbridge. Infact, only one side of the bridge is kerr street, the other side has another name on it.

I like to hope people think it is my street, as my name is Kerr, although that is highly improbable.
Ben - "did you see that wee guy get hit by a car on kerr street?"
David - "Where the hell is that?"
Ben - "oh, yeh, it's the little bridge in Stockbridge, y'know, the one that nobody notices"
by Kerroscene June 08, 2007
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