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She is one of the funniest people you will ever meet. Shes always hyper like shes on speeeed! When your around her you feel energized. Shes a runner which gives her an amazing slim body to go with her dark brown hair and beautiful large brown eyes that reminds you of a brown butterfly with a large dark circle looking like an pupil. She may be crazy but for some reason you can not stop thinking about her and her ways. She seems to always be around you for some reason. You help her when shes need because thats what you would want her to do to you. You first met her when it was your first year at a new school , you dont know her name. She helped you on your first run at the hills. You stopped to walk and she encouraged you to run. So you stay with her and she turns around since you have to run more, you wish you could have sayed something. You wish you could tell her the way you feel in some way, but you never can find when to do it. Recently she has been paying more attention to you, maybe to give you some kind of sign. Her name is Kenzie.
I've had a crush on Kenzie holla for over a year.
by HollaJuan September 09, 2013
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