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The Kentucky Mudshovel is when a guy or girl in kentucky poops their pants after having sex with their partner, and their partner is passed out. Do too pure shame of waking up next to them with poop filled pants the person puts the poo from their pants into the pants of their passed out partner. He/She then wakes up in shame thinking he/she crapped herself. This works when you don't want to have to the person in the morning.
While at UK John hooked up with a random, she was hot while he was drunk. After having had sex with her he realized she wasn't that hot and he pooped his pants in shame. He then decided to give her a kentucky mudshovel and call it a night. When she woke up she freaked out and went home without saying goodbye. John's night was a success!
by nolz January 13, 2007
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