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When having sex from behind, moments before climax, one will reach forward and grab the person's arms and thrust, thus driving their face into the ground where it will knock their teeth out, hence Kentucky, at such point, as a bragging rights and to complete the K-plow, you will push them around with their face still in the ground, leaving a blood trail.
Jake said, "Fuck it, give her the kentucky snowplow."
by Douglas P. July 20, 2006
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While a woman is leaning on something such as a table while taking part in anal sex. The Person behind the woman then hits her hands out from underneath her thus causing her to fall nose first into the table, giving the girl a broken nose which is gushing blood during her climax.
The man was getting irritated by the womans loud screams during anal intercourse so he Told her to shut up and gave her a Kentucky Snow Plow.
by dammmmn sam April 28, 2008
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