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A kennidee is person who will stick with you through thick and thin she will love no matter what in her eyes you are perfect she is never to judge you but only to laugh with you in return. Don't ever let her go she loves attention and is usually very clumzy. She is a cute,funny,sweet,talented,and very smart girl. She make you happy just thinking about her i am lucky to have a kennidee and my life and i am so thankful. Seriously i am telling you, you will not regret meeting this one she ma be very sensitive but once she grows a little she will not care about what people ever say to her. If you ever do get with a kennidee show her that you are there for her and that you will always will be. Oh! and don't forget to personally show her a good time she gets a little naughty at some points in time.
Boy: bro i found the best girlfriend ever she is literally the best!!
Boy 2: that's awesome dude what's her name?
Boy: her name is kennidee and she is perfect.
by lanceee January 12, 2018
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