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description, explanation, When someone or something gets hit in the head or other part of the body in an extremely violent fashion it resembles the head shot J.F.K. took when he was assasinated. It would also most of the time but not always catch the person or thing totally by surprise. way way worse then a donkey punch. a shockingly large noticeable scar, mark, or injury, where a person seeing it could not ignore it,and might comment or ask questions about it.
hey bro, i was watching kimbo slice on youtube the other day, he hit this poor bastid in the head like a "Kennedy bullet" looked like his eye exploded in the socket ! !

Jack: Dude, whats that big red mark on your cheek ?
Steve: aww man , i had a zit there and i fucked with it and it got all fucked up ! !
Jack: holy shit man, looks like you got hit with a kennedy bullet !

by jack the wack June 27, 2008
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