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Kenithia is a really cool girl. She is down to earth but still loves to party She gets a bit lazy sometimes but who doesn't. Great dancer who will get super competitive when playing the micheal jackson game.boys love her booty. Loves to go out to eat and is a social butterfly who sometimes tries to act shy. One of the best friends you will ever find. She loves to travel and try new things. When she gets mad she tries to act like she isn't. She's a total dork and loves to date geeks. Very loving but will call you a loser from time to time....just something you'll have to put up with to really get to know her awesomness.
Boy 1 "wow that girl can dance"
Boy 2 " yeah and look at that butt"
Boy 1 " she must be a kenithia"
by robotdance4u March 29, 2012
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