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an amazingly hott guy who knows how to dance and has a big dick according to people i know, kendrick king's are naturaly good at sports and are verry popular. especially with the ladys.
girl 1;dude did you see that kendrick? hes so hott and so good at sports. hes also really popular i herd.

girl 2; yeah i herd that to and he is, i think he has a gf tho.

girl 1; i bet, shes so luckyy.
veryy attractive young man, athletic, sexy, great body, nice, genuine, sweet, hes the whole package
That boyy is such an Kendrick king lee!

Best boyfriend in the world. Best love you can have
I love Kendrick king lee so much

kendrick a nice and caring man, handsome and kind, great in lover and easy to fall in love with.
that kendrick is awesome

girl he wore me out

on a scale 1 to 10 he is a 7 ok maybe a 8
by KENRICK KING LEE January 07, 2012
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