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Very awesome people are called Kendoka , the're people that practice kendo , they are so skillfull , so hot , male kendokas has the biggest boners ever , and female kendokas are the hottest chicks ever, if you see a Kendoka show respect otherwise he can get angry and chop your head off , If you know a kendoka be his friend , believe me you dont wanna mess up with a Kendoka .

My advices are

You have to pay kendokas if you dont you will suffer.
A kendoka has all the rights to do whatever he wants otherwise he gets to kill you.
Kendokas are mammals so they need money.
Guys A & B : let's rob that b4stard!
Kendoka : I practice Kendo .
GUys A & B : OMG he is a kendoka , (then they shot themselves.)
by darkskilled November 08, 2007
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