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Ithaca College tradition starting in 2008 where basically every IC student goes to Kendall Street just off campus to get WASTED in the streets all day. The event's so popular, it was on I'm Schmacked in 2012. It's famously on the Saturday before finals week, sorta as a last hurrah before finals & summer. People wake up as early as 7am to pregame and usually head to Kendall around 10:30, already plastered. So many people show up that lately local police started blocking off traffic on both ends of Kendall St, stationing cops and their cars periodically along the street to "monitor" everyone. They're pretty harmless- they only take action if you're doing something stupid like peeing right in front of them or drinking out of a labelled alcohol container instead of a water bottle. People who own houses on Kendall pull out big speakers and blast music. It's not really comparable to a normal house party because it's completely outdoors on lawns and streets. You need to bring your own alcohol, since people can't hand out drinks in front of cops. Students usually head back to campus around 3:00pm for food and sleep. After a few hours, the strongest partiers rally for round two at Moonie's; but many stay back, order takeout, and smoke off their hangovers.

In summary, if a friend who goes to IC tells you to come visit for Kendall Day, march your ass over to Ithaca if you're in your right mind.
Man, Kendall Day is like the one day a year that Ithaca College is a party school. I mean, except for Cortaca, but Cortaca doesn't hold a candle to KD.
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