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A sexy, smart person who is loved by all his friends. He may be quite shy but once get to know him he is very energetic and can make people laugh a lot. He is very passionate and cares for everyone, especially for his family as that is the most important thing to him. He is a nice and handsome guy and would reccomend to get to know him and get the chance to be with him. This is a one in a life time chance as you don't see many people with these abilities.
Girl:hey, you've liked him for ages, just go and ask him,
Girl 2:im shy. i don't really know when to do it.
Girl:i'll ask for you if you don't go now.
Girl 2:i'm afraid if Kelveen says no.
Girl:He won't, he's a nice person just go and ask him.
Girl 2:Okay, here it goes.
by Professor Green June 28, 2017
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