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an incredible brilliant young girl. she may seem crazy and silly on the outside, but deep down she is a sensative emotional girl. she tries to hide her emotions, and only her real friends can see when she's down. anybody would be extremly lucky to be friends with a kelsey swanger. Having a kelsey swanger is like having a shoulder to cry on whenever you need it. she is always there for everyone and is super nice. when you need advice she'll talk, and sometimes won't when you need to talk about your problems, she will just sit and listen. i'm so grateful for having a kelsey swanger. i just don't know what i would do without her.

A kelsey swanger is sporty, funny, and can make anyone smile. Whenver you're around her you feel this energetic vibe that makes you feel great.

A kelsey swanger makes guys go crazy with her amazing personality and beauty inside and out. If someone hurts a kelsey swanger they will regret it. She trusts a lot of people and it's dangerous sometimes. When a kelsey swanger falls in love; it will take something very powerful to take her out of it. Never hurt a kelsey swanger, because that would be the worst mistake of your life.
person 1: do you know a kelsey swanger?

person 2: yeah, i can trust her with all of my secrets and she gives the best advice

person 1: really? i need to get myself a kelsey swanger

person 2: im sure you could easily get one, she's the nicest gal around town. she loves everyone and is never mean!
by loverbird456 June 26, 2011
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