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Kelly and Brian are the best couple in the world. She gets him to do the same sport as her, and he absolutely loves it. They spend the weekend at their sporting events and flirt constantly. Anyone around them can tell they love each other. He is a little bit of a nerd and under appreciated, but he makes her laugh so much. He is so giddy and open around her. She is more social and gets him to be a better person. There is no use trying to talk to them when they are around each other, because they are literally entranced. Brian does not want to admit his love, but everyone knows Kelly likes him. They will not end up at the same school, but they will never like anyone else after they meet. Brian and Kelly are the perfect couple, and they will do anything for each other.
"They are so cute, but not like kelly and brian."

"kelly and brian... ARE FINALLY DATING."

"kelly and brian are the best couple. They need to date then get married."
by 678true! May 30, 2018
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