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A keintz is a creature indigenous to the Northwestern United States. Due to its reclusive and hermit-like existence, it is often compared to Bigfoot or the Abominable Snowman. Also like the aforementioned creatures, a keintz lives in deep, dark caves. It likes breakfast but has a fear of pancakes, though it finds syrup tolerable. It also has an aversion to whales, but goldfish can often be found in close proximity.

A keintz can also be characterized by its ability to get by with questionable actions in the animal kingdom, though most animals ignore it due to its isolated nature. However animals living near the North and South phols also find a keintz disagreeable.

A Keintz can be moody, intolerable, volatile creatures with fast changing personalities who have been known to take out their anger immaturely and on those weaker then them.
Noun: "Dude, is that a keintz going through the trash?"

Verb: "Dude, we just keintzed that cop!"
by tommybandwhalesand olpete October 03, 2011
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